Can your Business Model scale, sustain and thrive in any economy?

Not all business model can scale, grow or expand.  If you are selling time for money or if you don’t work would your business come to stand still then may be you are working in your business.  You left your job to become an employee in your business.  Book your strategy session to find out if you can scale your business even when your not actively working in the business.

Let me help you build, grow and succeed in your business so that you leave a LEGACY. Book your FREE 21-min Discovery Session to understand whether your business model is speaking to your target market and friendly to search engines. This session will be the best 21-mins you would have spent WORKING ON YOUR BUSINESS and get website SEO Audit and Review Report.

Are you the Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur or Speaker or Author?

Do you want to your Competition?

I help you to increase your brand awareness online and automate your business processes such as sales funnels, marketing funnels, content marketing funnels through website design or re-design to innovate, dominate and increase profits and save time.  I help you out-smart, out-perform and out-last your competitors to make your business success and build a legacy.

Let me help you build, grow and succeed in your business by making technology and automation stress-free. Book your FREE 21-min Discovery Session to understand whether your business website is speaking to your target market and friendly to search engines. This session will be the best 21-mins you would have spent WORKING ON YOUR BUSINESS and get website SEO Audit and Review Report.

Some of My clients

Driving technology for leading brands

What I do

I make Technology, Automation and Branding Stress-Free for your business success.  I help women entrepreneurs, mum-preneurs and technophobics (people who are scared of technology) get comfortable with technology through coaching or by automating their business processes to have more time, money and freedom.  In short, I help you to WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS and get out of the Rat-Race of Overwhelm and Technology Meltdown. I also help you with website design, sales funnel setup, marketing funnel setup and business automation.

I Develop.

I develop websites, mobile apps and business software using open source technologies. Currently, I am working on developing AI and Blockchain apps using Python, PHP & web framework on the Cloud platform. I automate your business processes for maximum impact and reach.

I Coach.

I coach women entrepreneurs in scaling and growing their businesses. I coach executives on strategy, board member appointment and increasing performance through maximising strengths and leveraging opportunities. I work with startups to improve chances for them to get funding quick. I also coach to set up a Sales Funnel and Marketing Funnel for your Business Automation.

I Consult.

I consult for public, private and non-profit organisations to maximise their profits through technology and digital strategies.  I automate and streamline existing business processes to increase productivity and efficiency.

I Speak.

I deliver keynotes addresses and presentations on Business Technology subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Business Process Automation, Blockchain, DevOps and Software Development methodologies.   I also speak on Big data, data privacy and data security to develop Data Platform.

Need advice?

Few of the time-wasting phrases, What-if?, If only…, so-what?… 

Don’t let these questions ruin you or your business. These questions are not worth it. Take a step just to find out if it is or not for you.  

Let me solve your business and technology issues so that you can grow your business.  Please do give me a call.

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My e-Books & Courses

I have e-books and online courses you may be interested which I am working on.  I will be adding to this catalogue all the time.  Please sign-up for more information when this will be live.


Sudha is one of those rare technologists who deliver technology to the needs of the business. Sudha does not just delivers to a stated list of requirements but also listens to the unarticulated needs of business and delivers to those as well. She is also a very mature project and test manager and because of a diverse experience in development, project management and test management, she is not only able to fit in a project/program lifecycle at any stage, but also manage the whole show.
Yadu Tekale
Sr. V.P. Sales

Sudha's Bio

Sudha Mani inspires, influence and invigorates her clients with the combined expertise of both businesses, computer science and sheer enthusiasm to innovate solutions to become the market leaders to Thrive in any Economy. Sudha started as Tech Entrepreneur after finishing computer science degree while working full time as Oracle Database administrator in the year 1995.  Then, she self-taught herself to develop web applications using Java – J2EE and other open source technologies.   In the year 2000, she moved to the UK to work for British Petroleum as Technical Architect.  Since then she has been consulting within Business Change and Transformation projects for investment banking, financial services, private and public sectors. 

Sudha now works with small and medium size businesses to go digital using right strategies to innovate, disrupt and thrive in any economy using growth strategies.  She develops websites, web and mobile apps and chatbots for businesses.  She also programs in Python, PHP and open source technologies to build Blockchain and artificial intelligence apps.

Sudha speaks on Business Technology subjects such as Agile Methodology, Business Process Automation, DevOps and Software Development methodologies.   She also speaks on business communication subjects such as Emotional Intelligence for technology leaders, perfect business presentation without notes, Business and Brand Storytelling and finding your signature leadership style.

Sudha is passionate about empowering girls to get into STEM subjects, women into leadership and business.  She regularly speaks at events, schools and colleges to empower young leaders to lead with integrity, zeal and vigour they possess. Sudha co-ordinates the Youth Leadership Programmes to train youth in Public Speaking, storytelling and presenting without notes to become confident speakers and get work they deserve.


Power of NOW > SUCCESS ... Power of NOW and taking action DEFINES YOUR SUCCESS

Let me help you overcome the Overwhelm and Achieve your potential sooner.

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