3 Words & Intentions of the Year 2021 for Success

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I hate setting resolutions of the year. So, I set Intentions of the year and 3 words for the year. What are yours?.  In India, we used to go to the temple early and pray that the year will go well. More like setting intentions. So, setting intentions fit nicely in my psyche than resolutions. It was believed that whatever you do on the New Year’s Day set the scene for the rest of the year. So, there were no siblings quarrels; we studied, got to temple, watched good funny movies, had no spending unnecessary if we had to spend, and would offer to God or pay for the good.  Elders in the house will give us money when we bow down at their feet for Ashirwad (blessing).

For the past couple of years; I started setting three words for the year and my intentions after meditation and prayer last week of December as preparing for the new year.

Connection – The year 2020 has been a year where we were all deprived of that connection with others. At the same time, it taught us how we could connect with nature, ourselves and others on the Internet. I am sure we have found the workaround, but we need to reiterate that for the first part of the year whether we like it or not. So, my approach accepts the situation and goes with the flow by resisting we are the ones who are affected.

Consistency – This word was in my last year these words as well. Even though I was consistent for the most part the previous year (2020), consistency with quality is what I struggled with the most.  I realised my challenge was time management and prioritisation. As a consultant who has to deliver on time, I thought I had mastered time management and prioritisation. However, I used the Pomodoro technique and MoSCoW (Must do, Should do, Could do and Would do) prioritisation technique to reign back this consistency. Most of the time, it is just that we are not prepared enough to follow thru.

Flexibility – This is another new word of the year. I tend to be very strict when it comes to the daily routine. That leads, to when I miss a day or two, I never seem to continue with the routine.   I fall back to my comfort zone. I felt if I built flexibility to my routine, even if I missing a day or two, I won’t feel guilty or stop. So choose this word.

What is the difference between Intention and resolution?

Before I go into my intentions, I would like to cover the difference between Intention, resolution and thought. Let us first see the difference between Intention and resolution.

Resolution maybe synonym of Intention but there is some kind of pain attached to it. We approach it from I have a problem I need to re-solve that. Who would want to like a person who says, you have a problem or challenge?  So, that is why our psyche does not wish to resolve. We love not to exercise; we procrastinate because deep down we have some kind of insecurity even when we say I don’t have insecurity, or I am trying, but it is not working. It is believed in Hindu philosophy that all solutions to our human problems or challenges lie in us.

So, Intention is about I want this desire, I am going to find a way conducive to my habits and achieve it. It might not be easy, but I am going to see to it that it happens. There is flexibility built to it. So, we start with a goal, just like in resolution and work backwards to develop a plan.

What is the difference between thought vs Intention?

A thought is not intent. The Intention is action-based. The Intention has a straightforward course of action on how to achieve that intent. Now, let me tell you three of my intentions.


Our intentions create our reality – Dr Wayne Dyer. 


Three Business Intentions of  the  year are

(I have more. Those are too personal to share)

  1.  YouTube Monetisation – This was in my last years’ plan at that point I was @ seven subscribers. Today, I am @ 234 subscribers. I must say I was a bit discouraged by low view numbers and encouragement. This year, I am determined no matter who watches or engages, I will keep going with my plan of creating videos.  I must say I did post once a week consistently because Expert Interview Series is broadcasted to YouTube during the season.
  2. Acquire 10K Followers on Instagram – This Intention is new for the last three weeks, I am somewhat consistent on this platform. I moved from 204 – 351 followers. So, I am going to keep this going. I was told once I reach 1000; reaching 10K will be a walk in the park. Let us see. I am planning on hiring an agency to grow this. I want to get comfortable creating the content once I have achieved that it will be managed by the agency provided I have found one in the next three months.
  3. Be consistent on LinkedIn – LinkedIn was the first social media platform I embraced in 2004. I loved it till 2008 then I have a love-hate relationship because it is not as innovative as it used to be. However, when I am consistent on the platforms, returns are more compared to other platforms.

That is me, until tomorrow. I will tell you about the 90-day content challenge I have started on the new year day. Until we see, enjoy, be safe and be creating your reality.

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