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8 ways to build chatbots for small business support

There are many many ways you can build your chatbots based on your business model, niche you are in and service types. As I work with small business owners and women entrepreneurs, following are some of the ways to use chatbots for small business support.

Book Appointment & Send Reminders

Nurture your leads to conversion

Post-sales support & frequently asked questions

Use it as a Business Card when attending networking meeting

Lead Generation and Lead Magnet delivery

Share event or workshop details

Educating your clients about your product or service

Share your offers or coupons during retail holiday sales

Why You Need us Build Your Chatbots

Building Chatbots Since 2017

Experts in Conversational Design

Deliver Custom Experiences

Generate Qualified Leads 

Chatbots are a must for relationship marketing if that is your strategy. We build conversion focused, relationship building and communicative artificial intelligent chatbots that speaks your brand voice and has your brand personality. 

Well designed conversations for chatbots can make or break the brand engagement. So, we build chatbots that has a personality and delivers small business support where you are missing your support team. 

Your clients will love engaging with your chatbots and forget they are speaking to a bot. Your chatbot or intelligent virtual assistant or genie is your clone.  We impart your brand personality, your brand voice & brand culture.  

Well designed conversations builds relationships no matter who is having the conversations. 

Main Benefits of Chatbots


Increased Customer Engagement

Well designed conversation will increase customer engagement and involvement. 


Saves Money, Resources & Time

Chatbots can save time spent on doing non-revenue generating tasks and utilizing resources effectively in turn saving time.


Build Highly Engaged Lists

Because you can vet your list when capturing and segment when entering the system. You have filtered highly engaged clients. 

Chatbots can be  Friendly

You have heard two sales persons speaking about the same topic; one confused you and the other made it easy for you. They both spoke in English inspite you could not understand one. What was the difference? 


It is all about how you say it and the conversation you carry with the other person.  So, how you design your conversation makes or breaks your customer experience. 

So, when we work on your chatbots we pay attention to the conversations and give personality to your bot so when your potential client speak with you in person after screening processes. You are not asking them to repeat, you carry the conversation from where they left with the bot.  

Our Process









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We work with you to your requirements. We can work with you 1-2-1 to coach and train you or your team. The second way you can work with us we take it off you and do it for you.  

1-2-1 Coaching & Group Coaching

You can hire me to coach you or your team to achieve what you set out to achieve. 

  • 1.5 hrs - Strategy Session - £449.99
  • 30 mins - £199.00
  • 60-mins or 1 hr - £299.00
  • 1/2 - Day  (3 hrs) Group (5) Coaching  - £999.00
  • Full Day (7 hrs) Group (5) Coaching - £1499.00 

Build a Custom Messenger Bot to your needs

If you have requirements such as Lead Qualification, Quiz Bot, Book a table, 5-Day Challenge, Webinar Bot, Online Course Bot, Live Training Bot or anything else

Grow Your Business Faster and Better with Messenger Bots

We develop bots that are super intelligent assistants who speaks politely in your brand voice and adapt your brand personality

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