How to use Content Funnel to generate quality leads on autopilot in your Business (2020)

Posted in   Sales Funnel   on  January 6, 2020 by  Sudha Mani1

Having Content funnel can help you generate leads, launch your product and sell out faster. Content funnel is a vital step to make money online with integrity.  Having content funnel can help you generate leads on autopilot and skyrocket your business. 

Does your website or landing page, not performing as you would like it to be? Many of my clients come to me with the same issue as well. “We created a valuable content and did SEO on the page, but no one is visiting our website”. Oh, we have been producing content, but it is not getting us the traction we want. Or we see impressions, but we are not getting sales from them.

Impressions Vs Click-Thrus Vs Engagements

Impressions are not going to get you the sales. You have to convert the impressions into click-thru to the next stage of the funnel. The Impressions are like window shopping or passing by the shop. Click-thrus are entering the shop for more detail lookouts. When you get sale, then it is a conversion. The industry standard now is on an average, if you had 1000 views if there is a 10% of click-thrus, out of that 10% you will have 10% have engagements. 

Ok, the problem is people don’t work on their funnel when they are starting do any marketing or brand building for business growth. Maybe you are writing content or frantically posting on social media. With a hope that somehow, from somewhere, someone will see your content and come to buy your products or services. 

Unfortunately, with this attitude or approach, you are not going to become busy with clients. If you want to make money online or sell your services or products, then you must have a funnel, measure and monitor everything.

It doesn’t matter if you are running paid ads or not; you need to be very strategic for your prospects to follow a path and convert. So, it would help if you had a content funnel, which leads to the sales funnel. What is the difference between a sales funnel and content funnel?

Very simple. The content funnels must be able to build your brand, increase your credibility and authority in your niche. The content funnel is not about selling. Instead, it is about marketing so that you can inform your prospective clients about your brand and share your content with their associates. 

When you lead a prospective client to the content funnel, their questions must get answered so that you can build their trust. The objective of the content funnel is to build trust is the objective. When you build trust via a content funnel, it is easy for them to be open about your promotions at a later date.

You use your content such as a blog, video lessons or masterclass to generate interest by answering their immediate questions. The content funnel results in building list which you can convert through sales funnel. The excellent analogy for the content funnel is your first date. You won’t propose marriage on your first date. Your first date must lead to further dates and then marriage if everything goes well between you two.

Once you build a list, then you can either use email marketing to educate them further to build your credibility and authority.

When you build content funnel correctly, then getting people into sales funnel is effortless. The content funnel is not about conversion but sending traffic to a sales funnel immediately or further down the line. The content funnel is the first step to your sales funnel.

So, what are the components of a content funnel?

Let us look at the necessary components of a content funnel.

1. Landing page or Blog Article or Social Media Post

2. Freebie (master class, ebook or guide)

3. email marketing platform

Having content funnel separate from sales funnel is a cost-effective way. You can have content funnel and sales funnel together on one landing page, but you lose your client. Because one of the examples could be, you have a three-video master class to teach them. They have to do that and then visit the same page.

What are the sales funnel components?

  1. Sales page
  2. Shopping Cart
  3. Upsell products
  4. Low-end product

Building Sales funnel the right way, makes it easy for you to convert when putting in front of the right people. Another name for a sales page is conversion page. Showing or putting your sales funnel to the target audience is more important. That is why I would suggest build content funnel and then put your sales page in front of them.  

If you have some money splash and have nailed your target audience, then I would recommend running paid ads. You can see a positive return on investment when you send that cold traffic through your content funnel passively (as above) or actively via webinars or live challenge.

It doesn’t matter how the traffic is coming to your sales page you must have a funnel. The traffic to your landing page or sales page can be from anywhere, paid ads or free organic traffic or through affiliate partners. Then your next question is, should sales page by long-form or short-form? 

Why do you think, movies are about 60-90 mins? It is hard to explain the context in short-form and convince a cold prospect who has not heard about your brand. 

The long-form sales page will have all elements to convince a prospect to believe you when they read your copy. To understand further, they can approach you. This strategy is a better way to lead people to show interest. 

The long form of the journey can be your email sequence or challenge. Have 3 – 5 emails series where you explain the journey and then sell your product in the end. Having a sales funnel is a must step if you are selling service or online course.

The relatively short-form of sale page can be Video Sale letter (VSL) Webinar or Master class. Then at the end, you can direct them to your sales page for confirmation.  

Hopefully, I have given information for you to understand the difference and make the right decision in your business. So, as a service provider or business owner, it is essential to understand the difference between the content funnel and sales funnel. Building sales funnel on its own will lead to disappointments and overwhelm.

So my expert advice is that you build content funnel via your website content or social media post. Then, you build trust by sharing information, so when you sell, they are ready to buy.

Now, let us see how you can map out your content or sales funnel.  

The best way is pen and paper. Define your start point what of the content funnel.

For example, if your start point is website or blog article then have a call to action. The call to action could be; give away a freebie like a checklist which you can send it to the email address. The point here is not to sell immediately. Build the credibility by sharing your Why, What you have achieved, your client testimonials and so on. Any information that can show them you’re the expert.

Now, my call to action for you to join our FB Growth Hacking for Biz Owners group where I do regular FB Live just for the group members. If you are on YouTube, then subscribe to our channel Sudha Speaks where we will demo how to build sales funnel.  If you are actively building sales funnel then consider thrive theme plugins to create content and sales funnels within 20 mins with no knowledge.  It is cost-effective than ClickFunnels.  This is my affiliate link, you will not be charged anything extra. 

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