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"Money is in your list, Or you can make money during your sleep."


These are true to an extent and only if you can master the process of attracting prospects, building relationships with them online, and getting them to take action in the form of buying your product or service.


The reality is that most business owners don’t know how to make instant connections with people whom they have just met either online or during a networking meeting.  I agree building relationships do take time and have to be with deliberation and consideration. Of course, I don’t want to ask everyone I meet to go on a date with me. That will be absurd and creepy. 


At the same time, when I meet my soulmate or a perfect person, I need to warm them up at least to have a coffee or pick up my phone when I call them. Right?


"It take between 5-10 touch points to remember your brand"

It takes about 5-10 touchpoints before they can even remember your name, let alone your brand voice or message. You can’t assume they will place you on the first time unless they connected with you.


You know what, you can easily do this online via Email Marketing with integrity and honesty. 


Hey, regardless of when and how someone signs up on your email list, you can talk to them and nurture them without being creepy. Your prospective leads have already opened the channel for you to get in touch.


One of the most significant issues is most people know this is what they have to do, but don’t know how they can put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

This is what you will get...

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This is a 2-in-1 handout which you can use to start strategising your Email Campaign for your sales funnel or just get to know your community. You can  use this with Strategy Call and other offers. 

    Email Campaign Checklist
    6-mail Welcome Series - What could be there 

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