6 Considerations when using Email Marketing in your Business for Success

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In this article, we will see how to effectively use email marketing in your business for a new product introduction.

Can we leverage email marketing as an advertising tool? The issue of whether or not it is acceptable to use advertising in email marketing has become sensational has been a hot topic for debate within the digital marketing landscape for a while. Some digital marketers are for integrating advertisements in email marketing while others are firmly against it.

Meanwhile, there are others who take a more neutral stance, and those who are not either entirely for or against the use of advertising in email marketing.

As with all tools, there are two sides, as a digital marketer I have advised on both approaches. The intelligence and strategic plan are the keys to making digital advertising through email successful.

Many internet marketing professionals have miss used this powerful strategy.  I urge you to effectively use email marketing in your business. To quote superman’s granddad’s words, “With great power comes responsibility”.

Email marketing in your business has lost its glory because of information overload. However, finding a balance has always been a challenge for digital marketers.

Firstly, let us see why ads should not be used in email marketing. Marketing and Sales are two different genres, and they have different rules of operation. Marketing is about educating and nurturing. Sales are about converting and making profits. Marketing gets people in and sales converts.

Now coming to marketing through emails, when you have an opportunity to talk about your product to increase the interests within your community why not is our argument. As long as you are creating value and solving their problems your clients are not bothered. So, be responsible as a marketer, give before you take.

Some Internet or Digital marketers have actively and successfully used ads in email marketing to generate more profits and reduce advertising costs. They also believe that this tactic increases the brand value of digital marketers. Why not ask for a sale through advertising if we can solve their problem immediately?

6 considerations when using Email Marketing in your business

When developing an email marketing strategy (NOT TACTIC) do concentrate on the following areas for increased revenue;

1. Alignment of your strategy with your income or profit goals, have realistic goals and focus on organic, long-term sustainable growth instead of immediate growth with a weak foundation.

2. Automation of the email campaign – Automation has its place, and we believe it can increase productivity and profits, but nurturing is equally essential. So, nurture your clients or prospects as they need to be.

3. Frequency-time on sending emails – Don’t bombard your client with too many emails, anything over the limit can become counter-productive. If your emails are not opened, then have a process to follow up and make the followers become active or let them go.

4. Have a goal on how long you are going to keep your prospects on your list if they are not responding to your message. Letting them go is far more productive than keeping them on your list

5. Be responsible – Treat your prospects as you want to be treated. I have seen many complain about marketing emails, but they do the same to their prospective clients or customers.

6. The general rule of thumb to make email marketing work for is 80-20. 80% of your messages must create value for your clients, and 20% is your advertising. This strategy will skyrocket your profits.

Let us talk about individuals who are neutral on the debate regarding whether or not advertising in email marketing is adequate. I don’t like this group because they are opportunists and gamble. It is not right when you do that in your business.

Secondly, they are indecisive, and it costs business more than it makes. In most cases, these individuals are firmly convinced that it is sufficient to combine advertising because; it is not overriding the original intent of the email. This middle of the road concept implies that digital marketers are not firmly for or against the idea of including advertisements on emails distributed for marketing purposes.

Either way in your approach should always be strategic look at the goal, what do you want to achieve branding and long-term relationship or short-term profits.

When I consult with my clients who want to reach a particular purpose, then I balance it for organic and longer-term sustainable growth instead of “here today and gone tomorrow” tactics instead of well-tested strategies. When you have a vision, your shorter-term goals are achieved by default remember small steps make a giant leap.

We are selling anyway why not be explicit and show the clients or prospects that we care.

Yes, you can use advertising within marketing emails. Make sure that it is a strategic decision with intent and aligned to your profit goals. We recommend  ActiveCampaign email marketing responder because it has a lot to offer to all business models. Here is our affiliate link to get the free trial. 

We also set up Email Marketing Campaign Automation for Success. Our startup setup plan includes 6-email welcome series, email template designs for the same and email copies. Get in touch.

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