How to Grow Your Email List Faster in 2022

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In this blog, you will learn smart strategies to grow your email list faster in 2022. Your email list is one of your business’s most significant assets. This saying is only valid if your list includes subscribers interested in hearing what you have to say and purchasing your items.

According to a study, the average email open rate is 32%. However, you can still build your list and increase your engagement rates with the right strategy and intelligent planning to implement it.

A client of mine, kept asking me, “How do I get email subscribers fast?”. For that, I suggested the following ways. For that, she said, “These are too simple.”.  In life, simple things sell faster. It is sad, we complicate things and complain that it is not working.

Here are four innovative strategies to increase the number of qualified email subscribers on your list.


Create an Attractive & Irresistible Offer

Making your offer more attractive is the most crucial to increase subscribers. There are more choices available for your subscribers. If you can’t make it irresistible, then you are losing them.

If you want to attract more loyal subscribers, you should focus on delivering your target audience what they genuinely desire. You can play with the colours of your buttons and tweak the format of your email. However, if your proposition isn’t addressing their pain, it will not convert. You are wasting your time, money and effort.


Keep it simple as possible; Simple Sells.


We all love shortcuts because we can achieve what we want quicker. So, make each step in your opt-in quick and easy. If the journey is long with a windy path, your client will lose interest.

Do not overwhelm them. Simplicity will help you grow your audience and subscribers much faster. That’s the reason, the nurture email sequence is there; you can show them in those emails.

More straightforward your opt-in form is your lists grow quicker. Don’t make them think; give them the reason to consume it quick.

It is also crucial that your funnel is not too long. That is why many experts suggest sending frequent messages to your list. You have to remember, out of sight, out of mind.


Encourage your subscribers to share.


Sharing is caring. So, give your subscribers or audience a reason to share. Don’t assume they will do it without a poke. So, ask them explicitly to share. This small tactic will increase your list 10-fold.

Give them an incentive for sharing; it doesn’t have to be monetary, just make them feel special. Remember, people will remember how you made them feel longer than gifts.

You must be creating content that is easily shareable and quicker to consume.

Giving users more control over the content they want to see, read, and consume.

When it comes to expanding your email list, one of your main goals should consider preventing people from unsubscribing.

If you notice your unsubscribe rates are increasing, it’s possible that consumers are feeling overwhelmed, or you are creating irrelevant content.

Another way to manage this could be to create a low-tier subscription; if you don’t charge for your content, they will pay your competitor.

The goal is to maintain the number of subscribers on your mailing list even if they aren’t receiving all your emails.

If you want to start getting fantastic results from your email marketing efforts, you must invest the time and effort to establish a solid relationship with your list.

The above four strategies are excellent to increase your email subscriber count, build a relationship and increase the know, like and trust factor. We buy from people we know, like and trust; so always nurture your relationships

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