Making your Online Business Succeed & Thrive in Any Economy

Do you want to make your online business thrive in any economy ?

Do you want to make passive income & generate qualified leads even while you are sleeping? 

If you have answered "YES" then, we may need to talk! We need to create your Online Business Legacy. I can help you go from Zero to £10K in 6 months.

Schedule a call to discuss your requirements to grow your business today. I only work with businesses who are the best fit with my principles.

Generate Quality Leads & Increase Sales

Generate Passive Income 

Make Money Online

Whom do I work with

I mainly work with women entrepreneurs who are driven and want to make an impact in the community for better, who wants to leave the world a better place than they found it. The reason I want to work with women entrepreneurs is when I support a women, she nurtures many. I learnt this from the women in my life my mom & gran.

Leadership, Executive & Public Speaking Coaches/Trainers

Holistic Therapists & Self-Help Coaches

E-Commerce, course creators & edupreneurs

Why Work with Me

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Attract the right high ticket clients, who value your skills and take responsibility for their success, or make people buy your product services without hassle

Stop hustling and start living without overwhelming stress about where money is going to come to pay your bills or, how to use technology.

Start making money and saving time with all help you need to build, grow, and automate your online business under one roof.

Build an online legacy you are proud of to hand it to your successors while enjoying your freedom and working ON your business.

Ways to work with me

Digital Marketer - Sudha Mani

Do-it-For-You: if you are not comfortable with tech, lead generation, digital marketing or any aspects of online business.  As a digital marketer with extensive technical & business knowledge, I can help you build an online legacy.

One-2-One Coaching: if you want to venture and learn how to create online business ground up.  I believe in teach a man to fish so he can fed himself for life.  Get in touch with us.

Retention Model: I can be the Project Manager or Tech Board Member in your Startup to set up all your tech needs.

What do a Client Say


Sudha is one of those rare technologists who deliver technology to the needs of the business. Sudha does not just delivers to a stated list of requirements but also listens to the unarticulated needs of business and delivers to those as well. She is also a very mature project and test manager and because of a diverse experience in development, project management and test management, she is not only able to fit in a project/program lifecycle at any stage, but also manage the whole show.

Yadu Tekale, V.P.Sales

Our Done-For-You Service Offerings

If you don't see the service you are looking for then speak to us about your requirements, we deliver many online marketing services to grow your online business.  If we can deliver, we will help you. 

Digital Marketing Packages

We provide a wide range of done for you Digital marketing packages. These packages include social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Search engine marketing such as Google ads, FB ads or Instagram ads.
We also do social media monitoring and reputation management. Get in touch with us.

Social Media Marketing Packages

We do all types of social media marketing, from posting regularly on your social media, managing, creating brand templates, & automating social media posts.

Marketing Automation Packages

We do all elements of marketing automation depending on your needs. The popular ones are lead generation funnel automation, email marketing automation, Sales funnel automation, Client onboarding automation, and we maintain them as well.

Chatbots for Business Growth - FB & Instagram Messenger Marketing

We design conversations for your messenger marketing bots. We create chatbots for both Facebook and Instagram that speaks your brand voice and have your brand personality. In short, we design conversations that convert & sells with integrity.

Lead Magnets Consultation, Design & Creation

Lead Magnets are vital for lead generation. A well-designed lead magnet will grow your email list with high-quality leads that are laser-focused to buy the services or products you deliver.

Business Quiz for Lead Generation

Business Quizzes make an excellent Lead magnet because quizzes are fun, interactive and gather more information about your lead. Also, it provides more information about your services. We help you create your lead generating business quizzes.

Search Engine Optimisation

We are organic traffic specialists who work on your websites to get you organic free quality traffic for your business saving money and converting leads into sales. The leads you get from your organic traffic are faster to convert and high-quality.

Conversion Focused Website Design

We create a conversion-focused WordPress website which is an investment, not an expense. Your website, when we deliver, will be able to generate leads on auto-pilot for you to convert. We pay more attention to both functional and non-functional aspects of your website. Many designers always leave out Non-functional elements such as speed, search engine optimisation and compliance. We deliver websites that are online businesses.

WordPress Website Maintenance

Website maintenance can get little bit technical for non-technical business owners. However, if website is not maintained then it can become vulnerable to hackers. Well maintained websites are friendly with search engines and create better user experience. We have affordable website maintenance packages to support our clients.

Power Hour for Quick Answers or Strategy Session 

Our power hour sessions starts @ £249/session. If you want block book them then we have discounts available. The sessions doesn't have expiration. 

VIP -Days

This is 4 hr session. The fees is £599.  We will look at you new business viability, model and niche identification.  We can look at the following aspects and get them done.

Niche identification, New Business model identification, Marketing Strategy & Plan, Email Campaign Setup, Sales Funnel Setup, Create your business quiz, 5-Day Challenge Structure, Keyword research for content or video marketing and much much more. Please ask us if you have special requirements.

Hey, I am Sudha, Digital Marketer with an emphasis on technology to build, grow and automate your business. 

I love working with women who have a "can-do" attitude.  I am a rebel and logical person. I rebelled to become the first woman in my family to breakaway to a foreign country with only £150 in hand and one-way ticket.  

After finishing my computer science degree, I started out as a tech entrepreneur with some friends in 1995. We created a forum that helped fellow students in the college with their projects and assignments in software subjects.

Unfortunately, we were not business savvy along side of the computer geeks and out business did not succeed. This did not put me off, far from it, this made me more determined to succeed and help Startups to turn them into self-sustained units and eventually into profit machines. 

Secondly, I am passionate about more female representation in business and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fields. It is my strong belief that when a woman is empowered & given opportunities, she will turn everyone's lives around her for good.  

That is why I love what I do! I work with women in business to make their businesses thrive.  If you want to read more about me then click the link below...

About Me

When a small business thrives, the local economy thrives

When a local economy thrives, the national economy thrives

When a small business thrives, families who work there thrive

-Sudha Mani