Online Business Success Coach - Sudha Mani

She is the true "Jester" of the party. However, there is a depth to her that you only see or experience when she talks about her passion for helping aspiring women entrepreneurs build their dreams and achieve their freedom, both financial and personal. Work with Sudha, your business will on the success path for decades to come. 

Hear her story in her own words below. She stresses she is the only person who can tell her story better because she lived it. She says, "It may not be "perfect" narration with drama, but it is my story."




Many people in the corporate world know me as a serious "Techie". I understand machines better than humans :-D).

B.T.W., I started when I was in the cradle. In the corporate world, they come to me to get their I.T. problems solved or automated end-to-end systems. I have been doing that for the last 25+ years. I know, I behave & look like a 16-year old .   You don't want to be near me when I am throwing tantrums. 😝

Let us get serious, shall we? I am an eternal risk-taker. I love technology more. I wanted to do Robotics in 1995 after finishing my degree, but my financial circumstances did help then. Now, you know why I love machines better.

I was born in a spiritual and orthodox Hindu family where girls were expected to be in the shadow of their father, brother, husband, and son.

I broke that mould with the help of my mom. She told me that girls must stand on their own two feet, but a good job was becoming a teacher where a woman can handle both homes and be independent. That limitation didn't sit well. She is a tenacious lady who, on her own, brought us up. She sacrificed a lot to put food on the table and roof over our heads.

My Journey to Online Business Success Coach...

After finishing my computer science degree, my first venture was to create a forum for fellow computer science students who wanted to complete their projects, assignments, and thesis. I started this along with a couple of my friends. We could not monetize or capitalize on that venture because we were not business savvy or more passionate. At the same time, I lost one of my friends suddenly.

So, became determined to help other start-ups to become a self-sustained business to get investment. When I was working with investment banks, I befriended some investors and venture capitalists. I studied business plans for them to invest in. I also enrolled as a mentor with the British Computer Science Charter to help start-ups- become self-sustainable and write business plans. Then, I did M.B.A. to understand business strategy.

Then, I went into a field, full of guys... Technology

Since the year 2000, after the bust, people have become more and more technology-reliant. The technology field grew exponentially. However, many start-up founders were not business savvy. So, they hired business experts to help them to become more profitable. The biggest problem here is communication & language. Tech start-up owners could not speak the business language or understand business strategy; on the other hand, business experts could not understand technology.

So, business strategy and plans to grow tech start-ups or online businesses relied heavily on technology platforms. Using patched up old techniques are a hit and a miss. In the online or technology world, working smarter, swifter and strategic are a must. We cannot plug a square pole in a round hole.

That led me to realize why many businesses esp. online businesses fail, how can I turn them around

As women in tech or S.T.E.M. & women in business, I knew many women suffer from imposter syndrome and always complained about not being a techie. When it came to technology, they let men in their lives take the lead. I have an issue with this. Not because I hate men. No, because they are allowing their fear of technology to take the lead and forego their independence. When they are compelled to work with technology, they make rookie mistakes and end up self-fulfilling their prophecy that technology is EVIL.

So, I want to EMPOWER women entrepreneurs to embrace technology like men do and move forward in handling technology decisions in their business effectively. Knowledge is power. Demanding equality and being equal is different.

Additionally, I also want to empower girls to take S.T.E.M. subjects in their college or higher studies and stick with them. We need more women representation in S.T.E.M. fields and business.

So, why women entrepreneurs not all entrepreneurs

When small businesses thrive, the local economy thrives.  When the local economy thrives, the national economy thrives.  When a small business thrives, a family thrives.  When a woman in business thrives, she sets out to change the world and everyone around her. - Sudha Mani

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