Sudha Speaks - Digital Marketing & Business Growth Speaker

Are you looking for an entertaining, funny & inspiring business growth speaker for your next event?

Then, look no further. 

Sudha is a tech entrepreneur turned teacher turned software developer turned technical architect turned business architect turned online entrepreneur/architect.  Yes, she had a decorated  career path indeed.  

She thinks, being transforming herself gives her outlook how to help people better and she has done all the hard work to figure out the solutions.

She speaks on various topics on Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Growth Marketing, Agile Methodologies, Cyber security,  Tech leadership and Emotional Intelligence.




Why you want Sudha as Business Growth Speaker @ your next event

We know many business subjects can sometimes be boring and presentation are "kill by powerpoint" with charts, numbers and boring findings.  Sudha makes boring subjects, funny and entertaining.  

Your Audience will love your event
Simplify difficult topic & making it fun
Clear call to action for your audience 

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Audio & Video Requirements

Sudha is petite, so her requirements are bit different. If possible, she will bring her own wireless headset and would like here receiver hooked to your audio tuner. 

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Initial Chat

If you want to have a chat with Sudha before finalising her for your event. This call will be no longer than 15 mins to make it easy for both the parties. 

Topics for every occasions

The following topics are very sort after topics. However, Sudha speaks on other topics. She shares her story of grit, determination and sheer tenacious mindset that got her where she is now. Sudha is from an orthodox hindu spiritual family in India where girls get married, produce children & follow husband. But she moved to the UK with just £150 and one way ticket in the year 2000.

Business Growth Speaking 

  1. 1
    Self Leadership - According to the Bhagavad Gita, Art of War & Prince
  2. 2
    Tech Leadership during Innovation
  3. 3
    Digital Transformation is not for all Organisations
  4. 4
    Your Leadership style can make or break your confidence

Breakout Sessions

  1. 1
    Website Success : Make your Website a Lead Generation Machine
  2. 2
    Chatbots for Your Business Success 
  3. 3
    Cybersecurity to increase your Brand Reputation. 
  4. 4
    Storytelling for Business owners

Networking Events

  1. 1
    Make Money while you sleep by turning your expertise into Online Products
  2. 2
    5 systems you need in your online business for success
  3. 3
    Blogging to make money is not for faint hearted. 
  4. 4
    Lead Generation Automation for Network Meeting Enthusiasts

Virtual Talks / Podcasts

  1. 1
    5 Lead Magnets every new  or growing business must have to grow your list
  2. 2
    5 things you can do today to change your mindset
  3. 3
    Top 3 Strategies to Make Money Blogging.
  4. 4
    Grow crops on your fields not on someone else

Testimonial from an Event Planner


"Speaking with a voice of beguiling musicality and surprising power, Sudha enthuses her audience by creating an atmosphere of shared enjoyment and shared responsibility. Sudha’s speech to the ASC Central District Conference jolted the audience with its professional quality and clear call to action while Sudha's affable presence and cultured humour allowed her core message to be received without resistance. Sudha is an excellent communicator.”

Tom Scott

U.K. Public Speaking Champion 2008 & 2011

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