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Keynote topics 60-90 mins

I speak on following topics.  These keynotes  can be adapted to smaller timeframes.


Disrupt or Die: Agility is in methodology, mindset and management​

This talk will look at, why traditional business model without future proof mitigation will not help you innovate. In the last few years, many big giants such as BHS, HMV, ToysRUs had to go into administration. Bigger shops with the larger investment gobble small shops. Disruption is not always bad; it is a double-edged sword how you use disruption makes or breaks you or your business. The choice is always yours.

Innovation is evil, or anyone who brings on change is evil. In the light of AI regaining its popularity and new game changers cropping around us, Change is inevitable. It depends on how you are going to handle.
This talk will be using the personal safety engineering concept when it comes to change.
1. How can you embrace change proactively?
2. How can you change your FEARs into Opportunities,
3. How "Change as Platform" can ward off the threats and empower your future to the way you want it.


The Leadership By Design ™: Design Your Signature Leadership Style

This talk will be looking at the leadership styles adopted by leaders in different situations to achieve results. A leader must be strong in what needs to be achieved and how to model their style to get his or her work done. The speaker will be drawing upon her wealth of knowledge from Bagavadh Gita, an Indian Scripture and Art of war to demonstrate the concept of Leadership in an ever-changing world of business.
1. What leadership style to adopt when dealing with different teams such as Innovation, Startup, Problem Solving
2. How to identify the motivation of the team and align the over-all project goal to find Win-Win
3. How to Create High-Performance Culture to create "Win-Win" situation where everyone benefits and cooperates

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence within Your Organisation for Increased Productivity and Engaged Team

Machines are not coming to get us; we do it to ourselves. How many of you are so ingrained in your corporate culture and politics worse? That is societal programming. The government wants us to think the way they want us to think, Media programs our mind with their side of the story. Put your hand on your heart and tell with confidence that you are who you are all the time.
Innovation is evil, or anyone who brings on change is evil. In the light of AI regaining its popularity, there is a talk going around in the corporate world in recent years that, Machines are going to replace Humans and us Humans will become extinct and Endangered Species. This fear is what I want to destroy in all of us.
We let other people slow us down by giving them power because we want to be perfect or we don’t want to change, or we are not open-minded to even listen to a new way of doing things.
“Be proactive or Die a slow painful death”. Disrupt or get Disrupted in this world. So, the question is are you an Innovator or ready to die slowly?
This talk will look at the opportunities these machines will bring or not bring and how we can overpower them still if only we become empowered and proactive. Also, will discuss the idea of personal safety engineering concept when it comes to change.

bitcoin blockchain public sector

Blockchain Applications in Public Sector for Service Efficiency

This talk is about looking at blockchain-smartcontract principle how it can bring change, increase efficiency and reduce service costs. The transparency between government agencies are still in 19th Century even after digitisation of some services. The data redundancies and inaccurcies means timely service is challenging and increases unnecessay checks to be performed by staff before certain services are sanctioned or approved. The blockchain - smart contracts, decentralisation can bring can bring quicker informed decision making with tracebility will give greater security, visibility and transparency mean both public and agencies can benefit.

Additionally, the processes can be seamless and less time chasing for relevant data. The data archival and security challenges will be reduced to provide more time to serve the public and leverage resources from different agencies. The collaboration withing public sector agencies increase better service, reduced cost and higher reliability.

In this talk, the audience will walk with better understanding on how it can benefit them individually and how they can perform their tasks efficiently with less stress and achieve job satisfaction.

Short Speech topics 15-30 mins

Women in Technology

STEM for Girls or Women in Technology Groups

Audience:  Schools, Colleges and Universities

Learnings:  Stories of successful women in tech and engineering to encourage 

Website Success: Make money while you Sleep

Audience : Website Owners, Bloggers and  Solopreneurs

Learnings: How to make money from your website, How to generate more clients and how to brand yourself online.

make money from website

Your Data, Your Rights and Your Choice

Audience:  All (yes, all)

Learnings:  How your data is used and managed by NHS, local governments and other organisations public or private.  How you can regain the power as data owner.

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