Create Business Website using WordPress – 7 Benefits

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Building a profitable business website using WordPress can be a game-changer.  WordPress is a free open-source software which can be used to create a blog site or a self-hosted website. WordPress comes with many free and paid tools you need in launching a website.

WordPress is the most sought-after content management system-CMS available, and nearly 30% of global websites are developed using WordPress, i.e. WordPress has 60% of Market global market share. 37 million are searching for “WordPress” on Google. WordPress blogs publish 24 posts every second. Because of this popularity WordPress has become number 1 sort after Content Management System for business owners to create websites for branding.

As said, to build a profitable Website using WordPress from scratch for your business is CAN be easy and cost-effective.  There are many free themes and plugins available for WordPress to download; that means you can create your website almost free if you are a tech-savvy business owner.

Benefits of a Business website using WordPress

However, there are many benefits. I am listing just the 7 benefits;

1. WordPress Websites are Search Engine friendly
2. To create a WordPress Website from scratch need NO coding skills.
3. The blog is inbuilt, so it is easy to launch straight away when you have the right content
4. WordPress has been worked over by a large number of designers and programmers for many years since 2003 to create a platform for which can be used by anyone who has minimal coding experience.
5. WordPress is adaptable, scalable and adjustable. It can go in the direction of your business.
6. Using WordPress to put up a website is mobile responsive.
7. WordPress is open source and free. There are many free themes you can start straight away.

WordPress is a content management system which makes uploading, editing, sharing and scheduling content for your site extremely easy. Adding plugins is not difficult either to enhance the website’s functionality. In case you experience any difficulty with setup, there is a group of professionals and novices who can assist you to solve it unlike other competitors such as Square Space and Wix.
What do you need to get your website created using WordPress?
1. Domain Name
You would need a Domain Name. Domain Name is your address in CyberSpace or Internet. This domain name could your business name, your name if you are creating a personal brand.
One of the famous domain name service company is – I have quite a few domains from them.
2. Hosting provider
In many instances, where you buy a domain name you can get hosting. Hosting is like buying a plot to build your house with an address. Hosting is buying a space on the server where your website will be created for your clients to access. It is not easy to self-host your website because of the infrastructure, server hardware and maintenance cost. Nowadays, you can host your website on your cloud services such as Amazon, iCloud etc. I would discourage this unless you are technically savvy or you have a dedicated web maintenance team.

Two other critical advantages of using a hosting company are speed and security. The speed and security are essential for your search engine ranking as in how your clients or customers find your website on the internet. So choose your hosting provider wisely.

I would strongly suggest SiteGround. As an affiliate, when you click the link below, you will get a 60% discount and free SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt as long as you stay with them.
Tip: Buy more than 2 years to secure the discounted rate otherwise your price will go up after 1-year finishes.
3. Your Theme and Theme Builder
You don’t need a graphic designer to build your website. Your theme does that for you there are so many free WordPress themes. One of the disadvantages of using free themes on your website is, free themes lack support. However, themes like Astra, OceanWP, GeneratePress are the best free themes.

Then comes Theme Builder; these are builder software which has certain building elements which constitute your website. I would strongly recommend Elementor. There are other free builders, and I have used many of them. I am not impressed by any theme builders as I am with Elementor and BeaverBuilder(not free).
When it’s time to install WordPress; it will assist you all the way through the installation process. Technical support is always available.

Once you have the domain, hosting account, theme and theme builder you are all set to start creating your website.
Now, let us look at some essential plugins you may need to set it up on your website to increase the user experience, legal obligations, security and performance. The plugins are a necessary feature on a site. The plugins enhance the performance of your website. The following are some essential plugins your website needs.

Contact Form 7 – Not difficult to use a form on your site. The forms created using CF7 is for your clients or customers to get in touch with you straight from the website. Once your clients fill in the form and click submit or send button, you will get an email.

Google XML Sitemaps – Sitemaps aid search engines to index your site; which in turn helps your website search engine ranking.

Akismet – This plugin is installed when you install WordPress and theme are installed. It looks into spam comments which are dangerous sometimes to your website security.

Rankmath SEO – This plugin helps you to optimise your site for search engines such as Google, Bing and other search engines. It also helps to enhance your site content for search engines. This free plugin is functional and improves your site’s ranking on search engines.

Jetpack – This is again a free plugin which is installed at the time of WordPress and the Theme. Jetpack offers protection from hackers, check on stats and faster loading to increase performance on the web.

WooCommerce – This is one of the best free open-source plugins to add an online shop feature to your website and sell products and services.

WP GDPR – This plugin is needed to make your website compliant with GDPR and cookie policy law. In addition to the plugin, you must have the privacy policy and cookies policy to safeguard your business.
Using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) platform to create your next or new Personal or Business website generates more potential for profits, less hassle and greater control.

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