Personal Branding: 3 Reasons why using Your Name as a Brand could be Effective

Posted in   Online Branding   on  August 10, 2018 by  Sudha Mani1

Your name as a Brand could be effective for Personal Branding. “I am not quite comfortable” is what I get more often as an answer. Let me discuss my arguments; why branding your name could be effective. One of the frequent argument I hear from my clients when I say to include their name and face is, “I am not quite comfortable” or “Who would know me?”. What I hear is; I want to be private not a public entity.

When you have to create a brand for your blog or website you have many options on how you could approach the process. One of the vital decision you may need to make; do you need to include yourself as a crucial part of your branding. Do you want to be the Brand? This question makes many dread including me. What I realised was, it is more straightforward to build a brand with you as the primary focus. Why? People have seen you around, you can go and meet them, they can hear you, so on and so forth. Then they make associations; it is like a child making associations with an object; sees mum and dad easily makes the association. Branding your name could be more effective and you can see the results lot easier.

Personal Branding your name process 


1. Who is my customer avatar? Would my customer be interested in me as a person before they buy my product? Does my customer hang on to every word I say?

2. If you want to then have it as a company when you include your company logo and associate that wherever you go and represent. Make it so visible that when they see that brand, they have to associate it with you.

3. Start wearing your brand colours or colours which will bring them out when you are on official capacity.

Now let us see a few Personal Branding Examples;


Tim Ferriss – Visit his blog here. His face is on it you can easily relate to what is values are, the mission is, his service offering and other details. His Four Hour Work Week in itself is a brand, but Tim is an integral part of the brand.

Next,  Tony Robbins. He is a brand himself.  He is now celebrity when it comes to performance, life coaching and anything he says becomes a brand in itself.

Finally, Patel, Pat Flynn and a few other online marketers have created a brand for themselves using their name and face as a personal branding tool.

Branding your name is not necessary but would be very effective and straightforward. However, it is up to you. When you become a brand, it is a huge responsibility to keep it going so think this through.

Why Branding your Name works


1. Our brains are hardwired to associate it with tangible objects which we can feel, see, touch etc. I am not saying you have to allow people to touch you but when you shake your hands, when they hear your voice they can make a clear picture in their mind how you look like. We don’t have the same feeling about logos and generalised names. If your product offering is service-based, then you must seriously consider this.

2. Gone are the days when we bought the products without knowing company values, founders and where it was made. We want to know more about who is behind, are they ethical, what is the story and so on so forth. When you have your name and face as part of your brand, you create trust, the brand gets a personality, your audience looks themselves in you. You become the expert.

3. Personal Brands work better when your message, your story and your services are all in alignment. People can relate to you, buy your service and embody the final result for themselves. You become their vision of themselves. You become the role model. You become the proof of the pudding.

Finally, building a personal brand can make you a celebrity in your niche. So, you can embody the brand and help many people.

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